“A New You” Weight Loss Clinic

Let Dr. Lora Efaw and Priscilla Greene, FNP-C help you formulate an individualized plan that gets you in shape and keeps you there. This personalized program focuses on:

*Nutritional guidance
*Improved energy
*Vitamin supplements
*Weight-loss prescription medicines
*Exercise routines that work for you. 
*Special fat-burning injections are also available  for those problem areas that just won’t go away. 
*Also available: the HCG Diet Plan (see below)

The HCG Diet: Shed the Pounds at a More Rapid Pace
The Center for Healing and Wellness offers the revolutionary HCG Diet, a diet solution that can help you quickly melt away pounds. Used as part of an overall weight-loss plan, patients are prescribed a special compound containing the hormone HCG, which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.  As safe as aspirin, HCG helps control metabolic function and makes fat burn at a more rapid pace. 

By using HCG with a low-calorie diet, extra fat is mobilized for energy and the rest is eliminated.  The low-calorie diet prevents immediate refilling of emptied fat cells. You benefit by preferentially getting rid of excess fat without affecting your bones, lean muscle and fat necessary for proper body function. With HCG you can lose the weight quickly and keep it off.

HCG can be administered to patients in one of three ways:
*Nasal spray
*Oral drops 

What is HCG and how does it work?
HCG is a hormone naturally produced in the body. It has many functions and is used medically to treat a variety of conditions.  This hormone allows the body to metabolize fat and use it as energy for both mother and fetus. This acts as a “fail-safe” mechanism when energy is needed immediately. For weight loss, we use only a very small amount of HCG to capitalize on this same mechanism.  And, yes, men can use HCG, too!  The HCG hormone is naturally present in men as it is in women.

You won’t be hungry on the HCG Diet.  Your metabolism will not slow down as you burn fat in problem areas and reshape your body.

Is HCG safe?
HCG can be safely used by both men and women.  The HCG hormone is found in every human tissue, including males, pregnant women, and non-pregnant women. Currently, there are no known established clinical side effects to HCG remedies.  But, before being placed on a HCG plan, Dr. Efaw or Priscilla will conduct a thorough evaluation.  If you have any swelling, shortness of breath, dizziness or heavy redness while taking HCG, consult with Dr. Efaw or Priscilla immediately.

FDA Disclaimer:
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires the following statement regarding HCG and weight loss: "HCG is a drug which has not been approved by the FDA as safe and effective in the treatment of obesity or weight control.  There is no substantial evidence that HCG increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that is causes a more attractive or `normal' distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restrictive diets."